About Me

_MG_9905My business is focused on helping companies build patent portfolios. I operate mostly as a sole practitioner with administrative functions largely served by automation.  This enables me to provide a small group of clients the highest quality patent attorney services at a relatively low price point.  Paragraph-by-paragraph, a patent application bears the mark of its drafter.  Clients benefit when their patent work is done by the attorney they hired as opposed to an associate.

Before focusing on patent prosecution and advising, I spent 3 years at a big firm doing patent litigation.  That litigation experience gave me valuable perspective on what constitutes a well written patent application.  That, keeping up with the latest developments in patent law, and continuous efforts to improve are reasons I believe my applications are of the highest quality.

I have a strong and broad-based technical background.  My Ph.D. is in Chemical Engineering.  I have written patents in many technical areas including exhaust aftertreatment, biotechnology, mathematical modeling, computer software, and semiconductor processing.  A willingness and ability to do background research and quickly develop a working knowledge of previously unfamiliar technology is essential to effectiveness as a patent attorney.

Although I make exceptions, generally I prefer to work with patent-savvy clients.  Individuals without experience are often too eager to throw money at their ideas without having a viable business plan.  When I work for someone, I like to ensure as far as I can that I am not just following instructions, but delivering value.  Compensation can be fixed fee or hourly, depending on the circumstances and what we negotiate.